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In medieval times and internecine wars, the players are transferring a new multiplayer online survival game from io. Lordz.oi is an exciting strategy that requires participants to demonstrate all their tactical and strategic talents, will enjoy the excellent graphics and extraordinary storyline, it’s a pleasure to play this browser novelty.
Lordz.io goal is to become the strongest player on the field, to destroy all the weak players and bring his character to the leaders, to take the leading position in the top. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to collect gold in the district and hire a powerful army, set up fortifications and smash weak opponents, and even their locks to the ground.
First, the Lordz.oi character is one, he is the main goal of the enemies, if the main character dies – the game will end with a loss. Securing yourself can only be enhanced protection. At the bottom of the screen you can see the list of available units and their cost, based on the amount available in the reserve, you need to form your own unit and build your own fortress, protect it with defensive towers. When the army becomes strong enough, you can proceed to direct attacks and exterminate all competitors, thus earning a gaming experience.

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