Lordz.io unblocked

Lordz.io unblocked
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Plunge into the world of the Middle Ages in our time is easy, because now everyone can get a novelty from io. The new multiplayer online game Lordz.io unblocked will easily transfer players into the Middle Ages and allow you to feel like a knight, the leader of a huge army that protects your castle from the raids of enemy invaders.
Playing in Lordz.io is simple, because the main goal here is to develop an operation plan, show your strategic and tactical talents, defeat all weak opponents and bring your hero to the top of the rating table. For all this, you need money that is scattered in the neighborhood, right on the playing field.
Immediately after loading Lordz.io unblocked it’s important not to hesitate and immediately start collecting gold. For him you can buy soldiers: spearmen, swordsmen, archers, barbarians and even a fire-breathing dragon. If the army is assembled, you need to move on to attacks, search and deal with weaker opponents. Killing the leader, there will be a chance to entice his army and increase his own army at his own expense. It is important to remember that the number of soldiers depends on the number of tuned fortifications, so it is better not to save on buildings.

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