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Become a knight and fight hundreds of enemy soldiers easily, because now there is a new multiplayer survival game from io. Lords.io – an exciting strategy, which will not leave indifferent any of the players. It will amaze with dynamism and excitement, good graphics, a lot of additional opportunities for maneuvers.
Playing in Lordz.io is fun and exciting, the main goal is to kill all weak opponents, to build up an army, to capture other people’s locks, to customize their own and take first place in the top. The character is also difficult – an armored general without an army, so the primary goal is to collect money in the district, under the stones of the bush, and hire a good army for him.
At the bottom of the Lords.io playing field is a list of available units and locks available for sale. Based on the amount available in the reserve, clicking on the soldier’s image can buy it and put it on the field. The cost depends on the fighting qualities of the warrior, the strongest are considered barbarians and dragons. Separate the garrison and surround the enemy by pressing the spacebar. Hide from the opponent’s attacks best in their own fortifications outside the walls of the security towers.

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